DAF Connect: standard across DAF range

DAF Connect: standard across DAF range

30th April 2019 | DAF UK
  • Online fleet management tool standard on all new UK DAF vehicles
  • Three years access to all critical fleet and vehicle information
  • User friendly DAF Connect portal puts operators in control
  • Fuel reports, Eco Score Card, Fuel Level Deviation and more

DAF Connect, the online fleet management system from DAF Trucks is now being provided as standard on all new DAF vehicles sold in the UK. Equipment includes factory-fitted DAF Connect hardware, plus three years data access via the DAF Connect portal.  

The web-based DAF Connect platform is designed to increase vehicle availability, reduce operational costs, improve logistics and maximise efficiency, with a secure, online customer portal providing easy access to critical business and vehicle information. At its centre the DAF Connect customer portal provides an easy-to-use dashboard affording a clear, unambiguous overview of modules, all designed to help operators tailor online functionality to their specific requirements. 

DAF Connect: standard across DAF range

The DAF Connect portal – dashboard 

The DAF Connect fleet management system collects real-time information and presents it online via a clear, user-friendly and fully customisable dashboard. Fleet KPIs, vehicle utilisation and alerts from the last 24 hours can all be viewed at a glance, saving the user time and assuring maximum visibility. 

Fuel Reports 

Driver Report and Vehicle Report modules provide a continuous overview of driving behaviour and vehicle fuel consumption. Reports can be fully configured to suit the user’s needs. 

Eco Score Card 

Evaluating the performance of individual drivers is simple with the DAF Connect ECO Score Card, providing detailed driving behaviour comparisons and monitoring of targets. Fuel consumption, anticipation and braking behaviour are continuously examined and used to deliver a driver score. Scores can be ranked against other drivers, or against an objective, with a view to improving productivity yet further. 


DAF Connect provides real-time reports triggered by predetermined events such as excess speed, route deviations, location and fuel consumption, helping operators to monitor all aspects of vehicle use and driver behavior providing added security for the vehicle and load.  

Fuel Level Deviation 

DAF Connect will notify operators if there is an unexpected increase or decrease to fuel levels, helping to protect against fuel contamination or theft. 

Vehicle Health 

The DAF Connect portal also provides the Traffic Office with vehicle health alerts. Amber and red warnings, which are also seen in-cab on the Driver Information Panel, are reported via the portal providing clear and timely information to enable appropriate steps and quick remedial action. 

Vehicles on DAF MultiSupport repair and maintenance contracts, with a factory-fitted DAF Connect unit, benefit from continued access to vehicle data and the DAF Connect portal for the full duration of the contract at no additional charge.